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Alternative versions of Rainbow Dash from Clop for a Cause 2, 2016.

Alternate Source.
safe1553491 alternate version32405 artist:jetwave391 rainbow dash217028 pegasus232040 pony825267 art pack:clop for a cause 247 camera3444 clothes400185 cute173255 dashabetes7746 female877930 goggles13099 high res20745 leotard4073 mare403543 offscreen character28701 peace sign2290 pose4591 sitting53699 smiling209371 snow12399 snowboard162 solo958260 swimsuit24171 swimsuit edit115 wing hands1773 wing hold324 wings71734 winter3930


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Clop pack, safe rated image, hehehe… but damn I still gotta say this is sexy and pleasing.

JetWave's face style is on my top 5, something about it just always stood up! I'll gladly upvote'em all :3