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Permission granted from MLP vector artist
Luckreza8 to upload this to Derpibooru.

Applejack was walking through suburban neighborhood towards the city center when she heard a faint voice.
She stopped and saw a small child on a balcony near her leg. The building itself didn't even reach her
knee and she smiled softly and knelt down. "Well hello there, little one." She said, tipping her hat.

The little girl giggled. "I saw you coming, Miss Applejack, you are my favorite pony!" She said, waving her little arms.

"Aww, why thank you, little one." She chuckled and moved her muzzle so close to her that she could touch her soft fur.
The girl giggled more and stroke her muzzle with her little hand. Applejack nuzzled her, almost knocking her back.

"Oh, I am sorry…" She said and pulled back a bit.

"It is okay, Miss Applejack." She said happily and climbed on the chair, and reached over the edge to rub Applejack's muzzle.

"Careful there, little one." Applejack said and pushed her a little with her furry muzzle, bringing her muzzle
next to her so that she wouldn't have to reach out. "You might fall if you do that." She said, frowning a bit.

"Oh, right…" She said shyly and petted the muzzle.

"It was nice to meet you, little one. But I must go now." Applejack said and nuzzled her
some more, before she stood up to her full height, towering over the tiny houses in the area.

"Bye, bye, Miss Applejack!" She yelled, waving at her.

"Now Sugar Belle and Big Mac said that they were here…" Applejack muttered as she continued her walk towards the city center.
safe1557167 artist:luckreza8735 artist:theotterpony79 edit114801 vector edit2146 applejack157383 earth pony191492 pony828340 city3652 cowboy hat12781 cutie mark39652 female881413 freckles24810 giant pony4091 hat75204 highrise ponies356 irl62277 macro10293 mare405193 open mouth120637 photo70206 ponies in real life4967 scenery7084 solo960530 stetson4832 story in the source1670 story included7587 vector70634


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