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suggestive129935 artist:hunnter47 scootaloo49109 sweetie belle46698 pegasus248164 pony860514 unicorn274760 comic:scoots grabs a snack5 belly25125 blushing178262 cannibalism535 chewing578 comic101604 drool22644 eating8809 female1231012 fetish35548 filly60015 huge belly2216 imminent death2275 implied death2365 implied digestion445 internal3827 licking18254 licking lips3904 scootapred53 stomach acid641 swallowing1784 sweetie belle is a marshmallow too78 throat bulge3353 tongue out92131 vore13373 willing prey34 willing vore968 x-ray6913


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Background Pony #9764
Aww last page I wanted to see how she added to her afterward pudgy Scootaloo would be cute.