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Here is the result of the poll on Patreon.
Sunset Shimmer - Cyberpunk
As you can see I tried a totally different art style again, but unlike anything I’ve ever done in my life this was the most difficult, most tiring, longest, most time-consuming, most stressful, most complicated art I’ve ever done in my life.
Taking 5 days and something like 40 hours.
Usually when I make an art I already know where I want to go and what to do or how to do it, but here I needed:
  • Constantly test all types of lineart  
  • Constantly testing an art design style  
  • Thousands of times testing a style of drawing hair  
  • Thousands of times testing how to draw eyes  
  • Thousands of times testing how to design clothes  
  • Constantly doing and redoing the same thing thousands of times because I didn’t like the design or the final concept of: hair, eyes and clothes
    In short, creating this style and this art was a pain, but I believe that now that I know what to do and where to go, if I ever draw this way again I know where to start and what to do, after all it has gone through thousands of testing different things and manners, as I’ve managed to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, I won’t have any more problems next time, if it’s going to be next time.
    You can find the high res on my Patreon
    Alternate Versions:
safe1973297 artist:ciderpunk573 sunset shimmer72705 human204047 equestria girls234113 belly button95862 belt7747 big breasts107109 breasts343788 busty sunset shimmer6996 clothes559987 cyberpunk2169 female1605092 fishnet clothing662 fishnets6726 gloves25391 hand on hip10932 human coloration6263 humanized110235 jacket16300 looking at you217486 midriff21769 sexy38080 shorts17227 smiling331769 solo1269664 sultry pose2630 teenager5930


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Background Pony #C66F
Your design its pretty badass and sexy, but i feel its laking in the cyber part, you know, like mechanical parts or led lights to simulate tech stuff implanted and so on… but i prefer the flesh to tell the truth, so for me its awesome