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Teasing Zephyr 1:

Fluttershy: "Wha, Zephyr?

Zephyr: "Big sis?"

Fluttershy: "What are you doing here, why are you so small and on my feet, and how did you end up in my house? I almost stepped on you, almost scaring your big sister."

Zephyr: "Yeaahh uuuhhh…Twilight wanted to try a new spell on me to get Rainbow to like a stud like. Her spell uhh, shrunk me instead and she freaked out and tried to reverse it and ended up teleporting me here. You look really nice by the way sis."

Fluttershy: "Alright I figured that's what happened. I'll let Twilight know you're here to fix this. How long does that spell last?
Zephyr: "No idea."

Fluttershy: "Alright then can you give your big sis a foot massage since you're already on my feet?

Zephyr: "Eeh, yes. For you sis."

Fluttershy: "Such a good brother. Next I need you to eeehh…let's go to my room."


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