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Have you ever partied so hard you grew extra mouths?
safe1572654 screencap198595 pinkie pie202927 twilight sparkle282267 alicorn194692 earth pony197989 pony843630 my little pony: pony life2242 my little pony: stop motion short371 pinkie pie wants to play21 bipedal30527 boombox202 cropped43561 eyes do not belong there65 great moments in animation706 leg warmers2216 library2863 multiple tails87 smear frame184 stop motion479 sweatband491 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114980 twilight's castle3296 twilight's castle library276


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Background Pony #EA4F
Wait until you see that frame where she's a blob with two mouths, two tails, three wings and six legs.