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Twilight Sparkle drawn by @kaeritai07 colored by @firenhooves
@kaeritai07 doesn’t always draw mlp ponies but when he does they’re extra cute! I love his art style and amazing ability to animate! Original Sketch

safe2117905 artist:jirousan101 color edit8806 colorist:firenhooves22 edit167907 twilight sparkle349817 alicorn302719 pony1479079 g41926667 :o6223 adorkable4261 animated122199 colored24136 cute257152 dancing10762 do the sparkle242 dork4593 ear flick716 female1739518 floppy ears70324 frame by frame4637 gif46837 jirousan is trying to murder us5 kicking2619 mare703130 missing cutie mark6180 open mouth225266 party hard372 pixiv14442 silly8688 silly pony3454 simple background569282 solo1381801 sweet dreams fuel2000 swing839 the club can't even handle me right now115 twiabetes14951 twiggles27 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146032 weapons-grade cute4555 white background151868


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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It took a couple nights of working on to color it. Trying to get the hair lines to match up on each frame was the hardest part. It makes me incredibly impressed the original artist was able to put together so much movement in this animation and make it look so nature. This take a heck of a lot of skill to draw.