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Teasing Zephyr 3

(After an hour of exercising)

Fluttershy: "(huff) That felt great. I'm all sweaty now. A workout is great for the body isn't it Zephy?

Zephyr:"Sis I didn't do much but grab ahold of your behind and was thrown off onto your bed."

Fluttershy: "Oooh speaking of bed, I'm tired now. Let's go take a shower…together, then lie down…together.

Zephyr: "Yeah um…I can wait till you're out, plus I'm kinda um, small here. Don't want to get in your way, but I can sit on your bed until you fi-

Fluttershy: "You just worked out with me and you need a shower as well. Let's go to my bathroom, chop chop!"

Zephyr: "You're currently grabbing me so I can't really move here _ (what's up with my sis? I gotta find out)

Fluttershy: "(How adorable. I can't believe little Zephy hasn't figured out that just I'm toying with him till Twilight gets here, but this is kinda…fun still in uh…that way)

I'm very tempted to draw a shower scene, but it'll definitely involve no clothing.
suggestive126348 artist:tenebrousmelancholy81 fluttershy195900 zephyr breeze2069 anthro226272 plantigrade anthro26241 barefoot23850 breasts235285 brother and sister3456 busty fluttershy14625 clothes401787 feet33909 female881177 giantess3572 grabbing580 hips2472 leggings1672 macro10289 macro/micro372 male299552 mare405080 siblings5689 size difference12314 sports bra2558 stallion90545 sweat22445 teasing zephyr series4


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Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
Lol this is the third picture specifically focused on this series in a row that's getting bombarded with downvotes. There are either silly trolls around or those that don't know how to filter tags as there's nothing really wrong with what's going on so far. Whatever though cause in the end, the downvotes don't have a real impact on pictures here. Moving on.
Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
Actually I may think of doing that. A prelude on how this whole thing started with these two, but it'll be summed up in a single pic. Actually this is about done so it'll be explained at the end on what's going on.