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I was bored during quarantine so I decided to do some… unconventional ships. So I did a next gen of the mane 6 with their closest male relatives. There's a couple notes on the drawing, pointing out the genders of the ponies and a couple of them have a possible name idea next to them. I'll be posting a version with bases with them all as children soon.
safe1555123 artist:ponykittenboi8 applejack157214 big macintosh26662 bow hothoof886 fluttershy195734 hondo flanks466 igneous rock pie808 pinkie pie201348 rainbow dash217172 rarity167877 shining armor21557 twilight sparkle279745 zephyr breeze2064 oc593421 alicorn190851 earth pony190316 pegasus232307 pony826289 unicorn257241 alternate universe8782 concept151 crack shipping3465 incest12171 mane six28968 offspring33623 parent:applejack3187 parent:big macintosh2600 parent:bow hothoof18 parent:fluttershy3938 parent:hondo flanks14 parent:igneous rock16 parent:pinkie pie3513 parent:rainbow dash4876 parent:rarity3461 parent:shining armor1176 parent:twilight sparkle7121 parent:zephyr breeze611 parents:applemac19 parents:bowdash2 parents:igneouspie2 parents:rariflanks4 parents:shining sparkle28 parents:shiningsparkle2 parents:zephyrshy5 product of incest163 shipping181507 simple background337611 sketch57955 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113687 white background84763


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