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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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One night in the Capital of Canterlot, the small human prince Tommy has yet another dream episode. However unlike the terror of Sombra that had haunted his visions before, this time an old ancient threat decides to poke into the young boys dreams. What will Tommy find as he wanders the world of his dreams!

Brought to you and illustrated beautifully by the artist princebluemoon3 :iconprincebluemoon3:
Now continuing on with part 2!!

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safe1555021 artist:princebluemoon3261 oc593342 oc:king calm merriment81 oc:king righteous authority35 oc:princess young heart28 oc:queen fresh care36 oc:queen galaxia239 oc:queen motherly morning51 oc:tommy the human357 alicorn190830 human139769 pony826189 comic:the chaos within us226 alicorn oc21476 alicorn princess220 barrier179 black and white11866 canterlot4839 canterlot castle1719 captive86 chained425 chaos1015 clothes400714 comic99916 commissioner:bigonionbean1273 confused4052 crater154 crying39493 dialogue58803 drawing4002 dream2365 father and child282 father and daughter2195 father and son812 female879064 fusion4322 fusion:king calm merriment81 fusion:king righteous authority35 fusion:princess young heart28 fusion:queen fresh care36 fusion:queen galaxia197 fusion:queen motherly morning51 grayscale35776 human oc366 husband and wife1170 magic64479 male298922 monochrome146221 mother and child751 mother and daughter4904 mother and son2543 night22192 nightmare1229 prisoner644 sad22400 separation29 shocked5592 shocked expression507 tears of pain830 teary eyes3107 throne room893 traditional art107692 writer:bigonionbean1030


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