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Based on this (Religion warning!):

I do not mean to offend anyone.
suggestive128279 artist:papadragon691074 gabby2157 king grover94 princess celestia90110 princess ember5822 spike74901 twilight sparkle283035 zecora8791 oc606282 oc:fausticorn1491 alicorn195731 anthro230941 dragon48294 griffon24899 zebra15769 3d62867 angel846 bloodstone scepter824 book30691 breasts240303 busty zecora1019 church168 clothes409892 cloud27200 comic101686 death5059 far cry 55 halo1463 idol61 old master q470 omnism1 parody15218 partial nudity17045 praying101 pulling602 religion609 topless11102 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115361 wingless3169 wingless spike35 worship157


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Actually, now I'm kinda curious what the changeling god/goddess is from this comic! Since I remember in a earlier comic spike gets together with chrysalis

@Beau Skunky
Oh! That makes sense for the pic now!

@northern haste

Welp! Guess spike did that then!

Also just thought I say this but I'm surprised his robe can cover his bits due to how small it is on him XD

Ps this is a stupid idea/joke but I would love to see a short story for this! I would do it myself but I can't write for crap :(

You know, minus the whole religion part, I am wondering one thing. How did spike kick the bucket so soon in his prime? Any one got ideas?

Also ether my eyes are losing sight but is spike wearing a mareish gown? Becuase I swear that's how it looks like
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
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Bespectacled Birbcat
If you worship multiple religions, I guess you're paying respect to the various gods (or at least ideas thereof) that brought people together. As long as none of those religions have borderline evil shit in them.

Or maybe you're just into it for the positive messages while taking the questionable stuff with a grain of salt.

"All religions contain truths, but no one religion offers all that is truth."
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So the gist is, if you choose a religion to worship, don't multi worship several of them right?.
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It's actually a little funnier than the Master Q version, and perhaps a little sad too since this doesn't come across as Spike hedging his bets about getting into paradise after death by praying to everyone, rather it's more like he was paying respect to his various friend's beliefs and got caught in the middle in the after-life.