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“I am a princess of Equestria. Yes I may not rule, rather unqualified at the moment for that anyways, but… I am a princess, and I got the favor of both diarchs who rule. They trust my judgement. Aaaand if I made a judgement towards somepony, they’d trust my word for it. Especially if they were both away or out of commission when that somepo-someone caused any problems,” Twilight Sparkle sighed as she turned to face Adagio.

Perhaps feeling her gaze on her, the former siren slowly lifted her head to look at the former alicorn. Slowly, she drew up a hand and pulled aside some of her bangs to tuck them behind her ear or pull them over the top of her head; exposing her face. Twilight held back a cringe. While Adagio hid it magnificently, the obvious signs of strain and prior distress were clear as day with patches of redness, paled skin in other patches, and lines to indicate a prior fall of tears. Now, she was calm and focused solely on her.


Twilight Sparkle put her hand to her sternum in a universal gesture of openness, “A working, stable portal back to Equestria has been established. As you know, I used it to get back here so quickly when… well, X caused a ruckus. Arh, point is!-”

She recalibrated, trying again to be professional, regal perhaps. Unconsciously, the confidence she was trying to exude wasn’t just an emulation of her mentor, her mentor’s sister, or her sister-in-law. She’d been spending time with another royal for quite a while now: her very audience.

Twilight flicked her bangs back in a very familiar manner, tucking some behind her ear, “I, Princess Twilight Starla Sparkle of Equestria, hereby issue a visa of travel and a pardon for past actions… In other words, if you hold to your promise to not cause a problem here or there, I in turn promise to see what sort of situation with Mako can be ironed out. By taking you there myself.”

Adagio Dazzle’s eyes widened as she stilled. Slowly, color started to return to her face as she began to pick herself up from the table with Gloriosa and Gigan’s presence.

“You’d… just… take us back to Equestria?” she whispered, a lot quieter than before.

Twilight Sparkle breathed in deep through her nose before nodding, “On the condition that you don’t hurt anyone here or anypony there, self-defense excluded of course.”

“I….” Adagio paused, looking down and aside in a universal motion of pondering, “….”

“You could go home,” Twilight smiled calmly, earnestly.
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