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Originally posted on: March 15, 2017
'Cuz I have been looking for an excuse to do this meme again, it has me fascinated. Figured I could use it for the cast on my Butters the Alicorn blog all together, just 'cuz. I did make it before for my Tourmaline and for the the Star Shot cast, although I never uploaded that one here on dA though. For whatever reason.
With the cast on Butters' blog updated with new members and refs and everything I figured it was a good time for them to join the fun.

The meme itself speaks for itself I'm sure, so enjoy.

OC Spectrum Meme — Blank © dustbunnythumper
Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn:

Butters the Alicorn by RavenpuffTimothy the Fragment by RavenpuffAtjour Service the Maid by RavenpuffNutjob the Mental Patient by RavenpuffHunter the Dayguard by RavenpuffGlimmershine the Crystal Guard by Ravenpuff

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safe1552615 artist:ravenpuff1123 oc592199 oc only403519 oc:atjour service38 oc:butters54 oc:glimmershine11 oc:hunter87 oc:nutjob12 oc:sir reginald butterscop pendragon iv jr.54 oc:timothy6 alicorn190505 bat pony42248 crystal pony4139 earth pony189813 pegasus231720 pony824626 :p6970 alicorn oc21440 bat pony oc13638 black tears22 bust39034 earth pony oc2478 fangs21483 grin32106 maid5187 maid headdress330 makeup17079 male298340 mask5259 pegasus oc4168 smiling209169 stallion90116 tongue out88294 torn ear608 unamused13326


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