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safe1554926 screencap195121 applejack157207 flash magnus701 fluttershy195715 meadowbrook722 pinkie pie201331 rainbow dash217154 rarity167867 silverstream5157 smolder6409 star swirl the bearded1854 twilight sparkle279720 yona4353 alicorn190816 classical hippogriff4361 dragon46561 earth pony190270 hippogriff8097 pegasus232240 unicorn257140 yak3735 bow23578 cloven hooves8675 cowboy hat12737 dragoness6473 female878984 flying33715 gameloft4273 hair bow12901 hat74580 helmet9292 jewelry48981 looking at you140424 low res image61 male298903 mane six28954 mare403952 monkey swings1177 necklace14731 new crown278 older22528 older silverstream106 older smolder195 stallion90282 treehouse of harmony143 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679


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