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new mlp game update sreen
safe1557933 screencap195460 applejack157411 flash magnus701 fluttershy195998 meadowbrook721 pinkie pie201599 rainbow dash217447 rarity168209 silverstream5171 smolder6448 star swirl the bearded1853 twilight sparkle280121 yona4367 alicorn191531 classical hippogriff4368 dragon46736 earth pony191692 hippogriff8125 pegasus233324 unicorn258752 yak3759 bow23653 cloven hooves8732 cowboy hat12782 dragoness6503 female882075 flying33812 game3218 gameloft4349 hair bow12944 hat75243 helmet9758 jewelry49313 logo3218 looking at you141017 male299730 mane six29042 mare405561 monkey swings1181 my little pony logo3316 necklace14817 new crown278 older22608 older silverstream106 older smolder197 stallion90641 treehouse of harmony143 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113887


not provided yet


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Background Pony #82EE

I got that one. I also got a reward for Fluttershy coming to Ponyville right before that. Which I'm sure was a glitch since that happened years ago.