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new mlp game update sreen

safe2150867 gameloft7499 screencap293338 applejack198558 flash magnus991 fluttershy255690 meadowbrook993 pinkie pie253252 rainbow dash276882 rarity215561 silverstream7653 smolder11176 star swirl the bearded2314 twilight sparkle354212 yona6384 alicorn309357 classical hippogriff6367 dragon84008 earth pony436338 hippogriff13414 pegasus486430 pony1578709 unicorn527213 yak6194 g42004192 bow43832 cloven hooves16096 cowboy hat25124 cute262602 dashabetes12075 diapinkes12489 dragoness13883 female1777266 flying54043 game4771 hair bow25073 hat122390 helmet15591 jewelry110370 logo6117 looking at you253626 male541683 mane six37272 mare726293 meadowcute240 monkey swings1653 my little pony logo6118 necklace31718 new crown395 older38601 older silverstream165 older smolder480 raribetes6963 shyabetes18967 stallion191070 treehouse of harmony181 twiabetes15165 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147809


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Background Pony #82EE
I got that one. I also got a reward for Fluttershy coming to Ponyville right before that. Which I’m sure was a glitch since that happened years ago.