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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Added frames, adjusted timings, cleaned up outlines, edited color. >>231990

APNG version: >>1225564
safe1552022 artist:marminatoror2 edit114099 rainbow dash216877 scootaloo48770 pegasus231581 pony824151 just for sidekicks875 season 3428 sleepless in ponyville1157 adventure in the comments1238 animated90857 boop6753 cute173092 cutealoo2442 daaaaaaaaaaaw3025 dashabetes7738 derail in the comments267 duo47450 eyes closed77913 female875209 gif27360 grin32097 happy27012 hnnng2223 looking around86 mare402930 nose kiss103 nose rub22 nuzzling3680 saddle bag5076 scootalove1623 shifty eyes137 simple background336538 smiling209055 sweet dreams fuel625 transparent background175534 tsunderainbow364 tsundere2587 upvote event horizon1 weapons-grade cute3091


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Background Pony #D6D9
Maybe he meant a cat…no wait..

Let me try:

''Horse pussycats is the best! 10000 times better than human pussycats!''

It doesn't work! I've tried everything! Gaaaaaaah! It is sexual!
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