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A bittersweet tale of conflicting emotions set in the time of Pinkie's departure to Ponyville. Pinkie's leaving to find her own way, and her family is each finding their own way of dealing with it. Personally I think Lime might be trying to drown out the train with her wailing so Pinkie misses final boarding.

This comic was commissioned by kyuubinaruto18, so I'm not too hopeful about how this family will hold up after Pinkie leaves. Sweating a little… Let's hope she keeps her promise.

safe1575764 artist:magerblutooth419 limestone pie4706 maud pie11861 pinkie pie203289 earth pony199086 pony845894 ...2232 angry23977 comic101477 crying40183 eyes closed80220 female899488 filly59542 filly limestone pie11 filly maud pie10 filly pinkie pie308 hidden eyes460 hug25480 limetsun pie213 tsundere2620 wavy mouth3324 younger15702


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #6003
maud know her sister's and she give the moral support all them Need, she is the older one but even her need moral support and Maud know her Sister will do the same for her too!
Background Pony #6003
you can't hide your feeling, is normal to cry and to say you love your family!