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safe1575800 artist:ghostwriter4342 edit117702 edited screencap56088 screencap199295 angel bunny9378 apple bloom46555 applejack158891 babs seed5630 big macintosh26874 cozy glow5849 cranky doodle donkey914 daring do6068 diamond tiara9673 discord28697 flam2021 flim2141 fluttershy197819 gallus5808 garble1622 granny smith4986 gummy4839 lighthoof482 maud pie11861 mudbriar718 ocellus4490 opalescence1977 owlowiscious1910 party favor1428 pinkie pie203290 prince rutherford678 queen chrysalis32319 rainbow dash219415 rarity169752 sandbar4630 scootaloo49189 shimmy shake476 silver spoon6221 silverstream5270 sludge (dragon)327 smolder6595 smooze819 spike74856 sunburst5824 sweetie belle46664 tank2590 tempest shadow15374 terramar666 thorax3986 tree hugger2651 trouble shoes1052 twilight sparkle282761 winona2439 yona4448 alicorn195364 breezie2033 changedling7265 changeling40129 changeling queen11867 draconequus9020 dragon48190 earth pony199094 pegasus239707 pony845922 seapony (g4)3659 unicorn266296 yak3836 2 4 6 greaaat1247 28 pranks later869 a bird in the hoof615 a canterlot wedding2381 a dog and pony show510 a flurry of emotions1162 a friend in deed680 a health of information470 a hearth's warming tail1396 a horse shoe-in1242 a matter of principals966 a rockhoof and a hard place755 a royal problem2043 a trivial pursuit1074 all bottled up1316 amending fences1140 apple family reunion1033 applebuck season757 applejack's "day" off517 appleoosa's most wanted735 baby cakes586 bats!1671 best gift ever2214 between dark and dawn1504 bloom and gloom973 boast busters1009 bridle gossip662 brotherhooves social430 buckball season795 call of the cutie619 campfire tales718 canterlot boutique895 castle mane-ia834 castle sweet castle1272 celestial advice1079 common ground959 crusaders of the lost mark1583 daring don't995 daring done?925 daring doubt690 discordant harmony723 do princesses dream of magic sheep1087 dragon dropped1134 dragon quest819 dragonshy824 dungeons and discords693 every little thing she does886 fake it 'til you make it966 fall weather friends661 fame and misfortune930 family appreciation day544 father knows beast853 feeling pinkie keen727 filli vanilli1099 flight to the finish806 flutter brutter1045 fluttershy leans in434 for whom the sweetie belle toils785 forever filly522 frenemies (episode)1428 friendship is magic2487 friendship university686 games ponies play953 gauntlet of fire1437 going to seed694 grannies gone wild777 green isn't your color778 griffon the brush off696 growing up is hard to do1005 hard to say anything752 hearth's warming eve (episode)549 hearthbreakers1095 hearts and hooves day (episode)658 honest apple689 horse play820 hurricane fluttershy890 inspiration manifestation824 it ain't easy being breezies827 it isn't the mane thing about you1097 it's about time679 just for sidekicks877 keep calm and flutter on953 leap of faith689 lesson zero1309 look before you sleep722 luna eclipsed1392 made in manehattan615 magic duel1982 magical mystery cure2135 make new friends but keep discord1895 marks and recreation720 maud pie (episode)1257 may the best pet win706 mmmystery on the friendship express572 molt down810 newbie dash990 no second prances1739 non-compete clause654 not asking for trouble535 on your marks818 once upon a zeppelin700 one bad apple1316 over a barrel684 owl's well that ends well381 parental glideance981 party of one930 party pooped709 pinkie apple pie967 pinkie pride1438 ponyville confidential888 ppov862 princess spike (episode)685 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2516 putting your hoof down708 rainbow falls1544 rarity investigates1075 rarity takes manehattan1354 read it and weep602 road to friendship1468 rock solid friendship1163 scare master870 school daze2576 school raze2142 season 1515 season 2298 season 3430 season 42045 season 5589 season 6292 season 7336 season 8809 season 9605 secret of my excess661 secrets and pies720 shadow play1200 she talks to angel789 she's all yak1049 simple ways1202 sisterhooves social574 slice of life (episode)1597 somepony to watch over me812 sonic rainboom (episode)937 sounds of silence3230 sparkle's seven1570 spice up your life1031 spike at your service948 stare master556 stranger than fan fiction997 student counsel1159 suited for success750 surf and/or turf677 sweet and elite721 sweet and smoky872 tanks for the memories1361 testing testing 1-2-31326 the beginning of the end1900 the best night ever1187 the big mac question659 the break up breakdown576 the cart before the ponies825 the crystal empire2582 the crystalling2009 the cutie map4028 the cutie mark chronicles861 the cutie pox547 the cutie re-mark3021 the end in friend650 the ending of the end2025 the fault in our cutie marks986 the gift of the maud pie908 the hearth's warming club799 the hooffields and mccolts520 the last laugh847 the last problem4146 the last roundup986 the lost treasure of griffonstone1038 the mane attraction1105 the maud couple698 the mean 61563 the mysterious mare do well604 the one where pinkie pie knows748 the parent map924 the perfect pear1325 the point of no return889 the return of harmony1475 the saddle row review1331 the show stoppers501 the summer sun setback1017 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000720 the ticket master842 the times they are a changeling877 the washouts (episode)1042 three's a crowd1151 to change a changeling710 to where and back again2508 too many pinkie pies1713 top bolt767 trade ya873 triple threat848 twilight time857 twilight's kingdom2728 uncommon bond759 uprooted930 viva las pegasus654 what about discord?615 what lies beneath1443 where the apple lies514 winter wrap up976 wonderbolts academy1253 spoiler:s08761 spoiler:s09527 cutie mark crusaders17895 equestria games432 female899497 flim flam brothers1180 king thorax2601 male305552 mane seven5900 mane six29457 op has an opinion29 opinion306 ponified38396 pony yona100 power ponies2585 seaponified1935 seapony apple bloom72 seapony scootaloo173 seapony sweetie belle78 seapony twilight395 species swap18316 student six1425 the last crusade (episode)1 tiermaker10 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115226 unicorn twilight12904 wall of tags2314 winged spike7139


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The only two I'd contest is "Where the Apple Lies", which is a favorite of mine, and "Flutter Brutter", which belongs way past hated of all time and into a deep level of hell even Dante couldn't predict. Just my opinion, tho.
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>Not Asking For Trouble
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Is it really that terrible? I remember it being boring and forgettable, but not outright awful.