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Mud: "Oh yeah?! In YOUR face, Sunset Shimmer!" >:D

The context, for those not in the know. :)
semi-grimdark27998 artist:the_real_me46 edit117429 edited screencap55943 screencap198840 sunset shimmer57489 equestria girls179837 equestria girls series28394 growing up is hard to do1002 boots19139 bunset shimmer1339 butt27219 headfirst11 mud2223 mud edit42 quicksand395 shoes30249 sinking327 struggling848 stuck2288 swamp425 this will end in death2037 this will end in tears3037 this will end in tears and/or death2118


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The Dark Pony

@Background Pony #2927
In the cruise ship movie Rainbow falls into the mud, under which is a portal to Equestria so Sunset pushes her all the way through and goes in after her, leading to their transformation into ponies. (Twilight also falls face-first in a mud puddle, and goes through the portal with them later)

But this is an edited screencap of Sunset sinking headfirst into mud/quicksand in her Sunset's Backstage Pass outfit. But I think I remember in that one she steps in mud a few times and gets her revenge somehow, I can't remember offhand, I only saw it once and only the butt smacking scene stood out to me.
Background Pony #EE7E
What did she do to the mud?..
(Sorry, I haven't seen the cruise ship movie since it came out).
Artist -

Some kind of monster...
@The Dark Pony
And who is preventing them from being rescued?
It's fairly obvious, I'd think, that she's still very much alive in the picture here.
So the ultimate outcome is still up in the air (just like Sunset's booty :P ).
So if you prefer happy endings, nothing is stopping you from imagining her getting out, alone or with help,
just like the grim ending enthusiasts like me have to imagine their preferred ending to the scenario.
Making an entire edit of that happening, though, is a bit beyond my means and skills, even if it was my jam.