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This are Prince Poltergeist's (a.k.a. Fried Egg) power listing, the powers he uses to fight or defend himself, some of them are Halloween themed:

1. Levitation:
Prince Poltergeist deeply concentrates, and in matter of seconds, he raises his whole body some meters from the floor, this allows him to move faster.

2. Haunted Flame:
Prince Poltergeist uses the power of fire and makes appear a Jack O' Lantern bomb covered in fire, and throws it to the enemy, bursting into flaming pieces, it causes a lot of damage.

3. Wisp Form:
At will, Prince Poltergeist glows in green and becomes semi-invisible, this ability allows him to fly, possess or become completely invisible to live eyes. And it makes him able to see everything that's invisible by any source

4. Terrifying Ice:
Prince Poltergeist uses the power of ice to cast a slashing attack with a boomerang-shaped icicle, it drains energy from the target. Plus, if it's distantly thrown, when hitting the target, it freezes it instantly.

5. Intangibility:
This ability makes Prince Poltergeist being immune to every physical normal attack, blow, shoot, slash, etc.

6. Ghoulish Thunder:
Prince Poltergeist uses the power of thunder to cast an electric surprise raining attack, it can stun more than one target.

7. Ghostly Bond:
Thanks to his deep bonding to ghosts and spirits, Prince Poltergeist can get assistance from them to complete his physical strength. He also improves his fighting moves when his two ghosts mimic his moves. And occasionally, he can direct an army of ghosts to strike against the enemies.

8. Ghost Weapon Materializing:
Prince Poltergeist's badge glows in green and allows him to summon ghostly-looking weapons to help him fight difficult situations, he can make appear; a sword, a scimitar, a pair of daggers, a spear, a pole axe, throwing knives and even a crossbow.
safe1574562 artist:shadymeadow135 oc604385 oc:fried egg46 ghost2309 undead1355 unicorn265830 fire10047 gun14577 halloween6810 handgun2400 holiday15784 ice1083 jack-o-lantern2014 lightning2836 male305226 pistol1897 pumpkin3461 simple background345311 solo972389 stallion92589 transparent background179468


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