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safe1573664 edit117458 edited screencap55952 screencap198851 sandbar4623 silverstream5259 non-compete clause654 cropped43594 deep fried meme148 glock118 glock 1745 glowing eyes meme183 gun14566 handgun2398 hard hat657 helmet9934 meme78560 pistol1896 reaction image9197 red eyes5166 solo focus16448 we can't expect god to do all the work4 weapon27176


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #0173
Yes, let's continue to rag on Celestia. Because that's everything this fandom seems to regularly do.
Because heaven forbid we criticize Luna
Background Pony #D3CF
Sandbar: where the hell did you get a gun?
Silverstream: I don’t know. Some guy the other day called me a fish-fry And then I got reeeaaally mad and blacked out and when I woke up in an ally I was holding it
Background Pony #1C30
"We can't expect Celestia to do all work"
Me:"true and maybe this is understandable, but still doesn't excuse monarch from being useless (thanks writers)