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suggestive165363 artist:pia-sama1862 pinkie pie233180 rainbow dash253427 spike85259 twilight sparkle324847 dragon67001 earth pony331109 pegasus374851 unicorn412147 anthro300546 plantigrade anthro40484 comic:rogue diamond604 abs13188 adult2891 adult spike1246 apron4948 ass63237 balloonbutt5106 barefoot31422 bedroom12758 bedroom eyes68919 breasts324641 busty pinkie pie12297 butt149309 clothes534052 comic119891 dialogue75938 eating11070 feet46684 female1538348 food82629 gigachad spike1101 lidded eyes36390 looking at each other25765 looking at you203971 looking back69465 looking back at you20793 looking over shoulder4312 looking up19492 male435801 mare579053 messy hair1136 messy mane8746 monochrome160158 naked apron1181 noodles417 older32410 older spike7514 pajamas3652 pizza2280 ramen236 socks77611 tanktop9181 torn socks62 unicorn twilight23632 waving3515


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Background Pony #B220
Eats junk food like Pizza.
Let’s take stock: American Pizza is junk food; Italian Pizza is culinary art and very good food.
Background Pony #691A
Pretty sure this is the least murderous looking Rainbow Dash Spike has ever seen in this continuity.