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artist needed25278 source needed13319 useless source url2514 safe1576795 braeburn6105 little strongheart739 sandbar4630 yona4450 earth pony199503 pony846683 yak3841 over a barrel684 she's all yak1055 the last problem4148 bow24265 braeheart130 cloven hooves9067 coincidence130 cowboy hat13175 female900317 hair bow13293 hat76705 headdress479 implied snu snu8 male305879 meme78670 monkey swings1200 older23042 older braeburn3 older little strongheart4 older sandbar83 older yona86 shipping184157 spider-man1739 stallion92879 straight121775 yonabar258


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Background Pony #E22D
And rainbow dash must find a way to beat discord from destroying the entire city in 2013 that is still! And she said leave this place or die