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A lot of people wanted to know what happened to the crusaders in the Bad End AU, so here they are!

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle remain good friends, but they don't see each other a lot because of work.

Sweetie Belle went to live with Rarity in Canterlot Castle, and began to work with her as a model, this is where she met Cozy Glow, the daughter of two aristocrats that appointed her as a model too. They married when the two were pretty young, and had little Cherub Darling. But due to Cozy manipulative behaviour, they ended up in a divorce. After this Sweetie Belle started a relationship with her close friend Spike, who was still Twilight's assistant (and helper, he often visited the other mane 6 to deliver them news about Twi, always and only loyal to the one he considers his "mom") and had Snow Veil, they married when she was 4 (this is why she loves weddings). Cozy Glow married Diamond Tiara and had Harp (sharp) Tone. Cherub adores Snow Veil, since they grew up together, but her relationship with Harp isn't as good.

Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon became closer as the years went by, even tho Silver only approached her first because the Apple family was becoming one of the wealthiest in Ponyville, but they fell in love. They have two daughters, twins Gold Leaf (left) and Tea Leaf (right). Apple Bloom is a teacher and Silver Spoon is a dessert chef.

Scootaloo stayed with her aunts, and Rainbow Dash visited as frequently as she could. Button Mash discovered his talent with mechanics and so did Scoots. They began dating and had Charge Shot, he has a prosthetic arm made by both of his parents. Button and Scoot work repairing stuff in Ponyville.
safe1578183 artist:bunnari79 apple bloom46612 button mash3793 cozy glow5878 diamond tiara9678 scootaloo49227 silver spoon6222 spike74915 sweetie belle46719 oc606455 oc:cherub darling1 oc:gold leaf3 oc:harp tone1 oc:littlepipot1 oc:snow veil41 oc:tea leaf18 dracony5712 dragon48320 earth pony199984 hybrid15312 pegasus240544 pony847844 applespoon24 colored wings5015 colt13343 diamondglow2 female901497 filly59666 interspecies offspring6405 lesbian92299 magical lesbian spawn10776 male306283 multicolored wings2179 offspring34511 parent:apple bloom625 parent:button mash277 parent:cozy glow34 parent:diamond tiara192 parent:scootaloo726 parent:silver spoon90 parent:spike1984 parent:sweetie belle534 parents:applespoon1 parents:diamondglow1 parents:scootamash3 parents:spikebelle68 scootamash16 shipping184284 spikebelle710 straight121901 wings76559


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