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One more for the collection- the Tardis' color scheme was taken from the Tenth and Fifth Doctor's comics, and the bottom panel was colored following the Dragonland's basic color scheme.
safe1577316 artist:nekoshiei102 color edit7151 edit117834 editor:anonycat80 seven seas206 derpy hooves48272 doctor whooves10090 pinkie pie203406 spike74895 time turner10075 dinosaur955 dragon48265 earth pony199690 pegasus240196 my little pony: the manga358 colored17722 cropped43951 dinosaurified111 doctor who3030 female900700 male306035 mare416257 necktie6233 pinkiesaurous rex9 stallion92931 tardis1309 tardis console room2 tied up5005 time pony6 winged spike7149


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