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safe1585644 artist:boi_slam7 artist:slamjam440 discord28898 maud pie11788 pinkie pie204309 princess luna94187 rarity171009 starlight glimmer44563 sunburst5943 thorax3998 trixie62849 twilight sparkle283683 changedling7431 changeling41239 draconequus9098 pony855802 armor21812 comic101364 dammit starlight5 dialogue59551 eagle standard1 facehoof1659 historical roleplay starlight28 king thorax2640 latin180 roman122 roman legion3


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Background Pony #483A
Better to endure one Caligula, vile as he was, than to let someone murder him and claim the throne.

Because then the realm is dead. There is no such a thing as only one coup.
Background Pony #483A
Well, given that Equestria's basically (peacefully) absorbed all the neighbors, they're sorta like Rome now.

Just so long as they can avoid being ruled by a Caligula, or should that be Incitatus, it should all be fine!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Economist -

Imperial Panzerfuchs
Ob eas causas ei munitioni, quam fecerat, T. Labienum legatum praefecit — ipse in Italiam magnis itineribus contendit duasque ibi legiones conscribit et tres, quae circum Aquileiam hiemabant, ex hibernis educit et, qua proximum iter in ulteriorem Galliam per Alpes erat, cum his quinque legionibus ire contendit.

De Bello Gallico