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suggestive128228 artist:slamjam384 starlight glimmer43964 twilight sparkle282996 alicorn195659 pony847268 unicorn266975 bed36379 blushing176112 boop6862 comic101656 crusader72 deus vult25 dialogue60659 dream2482 fake beard270 fantasy class1374 female900867 floppy ears46679 frown21683 helmet9963 historical roleplay starlight17 knight918 knights templar12 lesbian92283 mare416345 paladin221 scrunchy face6825 self-boop371 shipping184238 smiling215454 spread wings47910 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115343 twistarlight518 warrior1225 wide eyes16197 wings76416


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Thorned Rose Ninja
Artist -

As a medieval reenactor who portrays Knights Templar, this pleases me. The chainmail is characteristic of armor from the High Middle Ages. “Shining armor” wouldn’t be on the scene until later.
Background Pony #1FEB
@Background Pony #D269
Because its just trolling if your audience doesn't know the references/the references are too obscure/the references are outdated.

This is a fun series, but most of the references would fly over my head if I didn't read the tags AND comments.
Background Pony #C138
Starlight's reaction in panel 2 and 3

Masturboop will never not be funny to me
Background Pony #CE9D
Why's Twilight so annoyed with historical roleplay Starlight anyway? I don't think that's been explained yet; she just is.