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Commission for xxweedprincess420xx​ on tumblr for Twilight and Rarity going for a nice walk. But this time Rarity wanted to be the tol girlfriend. Twilight doesn't mind the sexy scary different version of Rarity.
suggestive128124 alternate version34010 artist:pastel-pony-pictures83 nightmare rarity2816 rarity169811 twilight sparkle282890 alicorn195519 pony846571 unicorn266632 chest fluff32557 cloven hooves9066 collar28776 female900198 femdom6759 femsub8738 glowing horn16683 horn43444 leash6828 lesbian92249 magic65925 magic aura2960 mare416011 nightmare rarilight35 rarilight1835 shipping184147 submissive13090 telekinesis24733 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115292 twisub550


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