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Part 7 of the 'Save The World' series, celebrating everypony involved in the fight against Coronavirus. Part 1 — Save The World , Part 2 — Hope, Part 3 — Those Who Carry Us, Part 4 — Keep the Light, " Part 5 — Fierce Compassion, Part 6 — Remember the Fallen

I've been meaning to draw this one for a while, but I've ended up so busy with so many extra hours we're having to fill in with so many colleagues off sick. I haven't had much time to shade this, so I hope it turned out okay.

This one celebrates Society's silent guardians, our police, soldiers and security guards. You don't need me telling you you're heroes. You already know that. Thank you for going out there, braving the virus to keep us and our loved ones safe.

This one also celebrates the unsung heroes, those silently suffering with worry and concern at home. Moms, dads, husbands, wives, family, children, anyone of you whose loved one is a keyworker having to brave the virus to help save the world. Thank you for being there for us, for calling us, for bearing with us when we're irritable on the phone, for being the people we look forwards to returning to when this is all over. Thank you.
safe1727444 artist:manifest harmony419 princess flurry heart7373 whammy133 alicorn228568 pony987703 series:save the world8 armor24087 communicator10 coronavirus828 covid-19772 crying44169 crystal ball531 dialogue66555 female1381754 heart eyes17090 heart nostrils90 helmet10986 implied princess cadance264 older27297 older flurry heart1530 royal guard7930 smiling254393 social distancing75 sweet dreams fuel1614 tears of joy2590 underhoof52869 warrior flurry heart32 wavy mouth3765 wingding eyes22876


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Right now I imagine Gallus in his royal guard armour and wearing a facemask as he patrols with his partner and they check if every creatures keeps their quarantine who have to.
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Background Pony #D7D9
Flurry Heart is a royal guard? Nice idea. Her power can now be in good use.
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Background Pony #2CF8
Isn't that the crystal ball Morticia Adams used to call her parents in the afterlife?
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