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My Little Vampony:

If you notice any of the numerous spelling\grammar mistakes that there are bound to be, please post corrections to my profile page, rather than to here. Otherwise it looks odd after I've corrected the page.

The legendary vampony Count sucular has returned to drink the blood of the virgins of Ponyville.

From the looks of things, he's probably going to need to order takeout again.

New prop, exterior of Ponyville Town Hall (Yay).

Created in Inkscape, and Photoshop.

Standard Components

This comic may include one or more of the following components, which I frequently use in my MLP comics.

Lyra's cutie mark by noxwyll
safe1573387 artist:perfectblue97310 bon bon15618 cup cake3737 derpy hooves48215 lyra heartstrings27770 rarity169506 sweetie drops15618 twilight sparkle282380 oc603805 oc:count sucular1 earth pony198268 pony844199 unicorn265431 vampire3320 vampony1457 comic101271 female897475 implied diarrhea31 implied sex5322 lesbian92117 lyrabon3086 mare414670 pointy ponies3143 shipping183728 virgin819


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