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Kinda a crossover, kinda an in-joke for those who know my early years on this site.

Also, a homage to a certain episode of the Simpsons.
safe1749794 artist:perfectblue97349 apple bloom50941 bon bon16689 carrot cake2153 cup cake4257 lyra heartstrings30093 queen chrysalis35442 scootaloo51906 sweetie belle49715 sweetie drops16688 twilight sparkle306043 changeling49758 changeling queen17674 earth pony265690 pegasus308906 pony1009916 robot8137 unicorn342033 background pony10442 book34486 comic111436 cutie mark crusaders19315 female1401266 filly69593 glowing horn20512 horn77486 lesbian99248 levitation12547 lyrabon3420 magic75355 magic aura4642 male387782 mare501871 pedobear88 pointy ponies3453 shipping205607 stallion115650 straight140269 sweetie bot1335 telekinesis28700 that pony sure does love books1168 unicorn twilight18685


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