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safe1727038 artist:whiteplumage白羽21 princess celestia95820 oc697671 oc:queen galaxia334 alicorn228455 pony987322 's parents28 base used20432 beautiful5672 celestia and luna's mother37 chestplate159 colored hooves6150 colored wings6330 crown17483 cute202892 cutelestia3639 duo62871 ethereal mane8245 ethereal tail428 ethereal wings126 female1381361 filly68200 filly celestia353 flowing mane1747 flowing tail812 hoof shoes5561 jewelry65694 lidded eyes31233 like mother like daughter404 like parent like child515 looking at each other20827 mare490967 mother and child2500 mother and daughter6020 multicolored tail1225 multicolored wings2852 pink-mane celestia2600 queen654 regalia20575 spread wings55747 throne room1114 wings111376 young1621 young celestia350 younger17582


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