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safe1573631 artist:silverbuller41 edit117443 edited screencap55944 screencap198841 angel bunny9369 big daddy mccolt79 bon bon15615 bulk biceps3216 cattail71 discord28662 doctor fauna509 doctor horse366 doctor stable372 doctor whooves10080 gabby2153 gentle breeze292 iron will1295 lyra heartstrings27769 mayor mare3051 meadowbrook728 nurse redheart3266 posey shy1025 sandbar4623 sweetie drops15615 terramar662 time turner10066 tree hugger2652 zephyr breeze2095 breezie2032 classical hippogriff4446 draconequus8977 earth pony198340 griffon24850 hippogriff8288 minotaur899 pegasus239042 pony844363 rabbit4442 unicorn265530 the last problem4134 animal3349 female897689 male304962 mare414763 mccolt family175 stallion92492


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #C2BC
Iron will is not a good example of some pony that will be remembered. He and his stupid goat assistants scare ponies and creatures with his toughness, plus he’s a cheapskate. It would look better if the smooze took his place and stood next to bulk biceps.