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Thought i'd upload something since I plan on actually making fanart soon

not just SFM content from me in the future!
safe1575264 artist:dreamsthefox3 idw14205 applejack158848 autumn blaze3297 capper dapperpaws1444 discord28691 fluttershy197768 gallus5805 gilda9109 king sombra12681 ocellus4487 pinkie pie203228 princess celestia90025 rainbow dash219356 rarity169703 sandbar4630 silverstream5270 smolder6592 spike74828 tempest shadow15365 twilight sparkle282676 yona4444 alicorn195250 changedling7261 changeling40103 classical hippogriff4452 draconequus9011 dragon48152 earth pony198904 griffon24874 hippogriff8303 pegasus239509 pony845541 unicorn266059 yak3832 3d62625 autumnjack142 candy6032 capperity120 celestibra292 discoshy2500 female899055 food60815 gallbar440 gay25245 gay in front of girls398 gildapie80 gildash336 good king sombra503 interspecies20671 lesbian92205 lesbian in front of boys346 lollipop2178 lots of characters22 male305402 mane seven5898 mane six29447 movie695 movie theatre6 pinkiedash3236 popcorn1404 sfm pony284 shipping184000 smolderstream11 source filmmaker37891 straight121659 student six1425 tempestlight3368 theater288 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115185 yonellus6


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Background Pony #A24C
If you take requests or commissions i'd like to have three or four variations of this pic.