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The Super Dimensional Fortress 
Ponicross - Lovers Again
You didn’t expect this crossover, did you? Spaceship is Magic.
This is a remake of one of the posters made for the anime Macross II : Lovers Again. The American audience is probably more familiar with the title Robotech instead of Macross, but it’s basically the same thing.
The original poster for Macross II ranks very high on the list of my all time favourite posters, and that’s why I just had to draw my own version of it. Unfortunately I suck at drawing landscapes and small scale figures, so this isn’t as as good as I wish it could’ve been.
At first I was going to use Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy in place of Hibiki and Ishtar, but then I thought that this was the perfect chance to draw an epic Lyra & Bon-Bon picture.
That big thingy on the distance is of course the crashlanded Macross (SDF-1) spaceship that the series revolves around. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the original Macross Megaroad yet. The only one I was able to find online was the lame english dubbed and “kid friendly” edited Robotech version, so it was almost painful to watch. For now, I’ll just have to settle for Macross Frontier.
Anyways, this was drawn by hand with water soluble colour pencils, and finished with white gel pen.
safe1883448 artist:lavosvsbahamut44 bon bon17424 lyra heartstrings31359 sweetie drops17424 earth pony323345 pony1229878 unicorn403755 cloud35373 colored pencil drawing1761 crossover66818 duo94453 featured image998 female1521814 lesbian104692 lyrabon3621 macross47 mare569093 mountain6086 parody16284 photoshop elements34 poster6050 robotech24 sdf 12 shipping220588 smiling303943 traditional art126686


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Background Pony #2D1A
To be fair, Macross 2 is rather dubious as a Macross show itself. Done by different people, writing different stories, not even canonical to the rest.  
Basically, it’s a corporate cash in on Macross’ popularity.
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If my friends like it! I do! I don’t exactly know what anypony is talking about… I don’t watch much anime and I haven’t really read any comics! So I wouldn’t know the setting. I like big open fields! It makes me feel free! So I like the way it’s just vast and open!
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Ah, a great underrated piece from one of my favourite artists that unfortunately it’s not longer doing fanart since a long time ago.
The vibrant color management, how expressive the faces are, especially those big eyes and the fact that this was traditionally done makes of this a beautiful artwork.