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safe1749101 artist:emeraldblast63440 sonata dusk13818 sunset shimmer64724 equestria girls206710 equestria girls series34659 sunset's backstage pass!2539 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14919 alternate hairstyle29048 armlet241 clothes swap1367 food72877 jewelry68012 minidress169 ponytail18718 simple background408690 taco1352 taco dress137 transparent background208641


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Background Pony #2577
În the cinematic Sunset is Sometimes caleed the German Sonata also her food passion are schnizels and sausages căușe she is german here Antonia Schwarzesonne which means Black Sun în german

Sci-Twi Lover
Finally, Emerald! You're back in Derpibooru! I thought you don't want to upload your works here, but looks like you've decided to try it anyway once again, keep it up the good work.
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Background Pony #631E
I got a feel emeraldblast63 will do sunset in aria’s outfit eventually since she’s done sunset in adagio’s and now sonata’s
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Background Pony #F571
You rock that taco-dress the same way you rock your electric-guitar Sunset.
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