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To prove that my previous comic (>>2312760) was not just a one-shot, here’s a continuation.
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suggestive165363 artist:papadragon691452 queen chrysalis38057 spike85259 changedling9799 changeling55616 dragon67001 anthro300548 3d95395 a better ending for chrysalis133 armpits44704 bedroom eyes68919 belly button91364 breast grab8486 breasts324652 busty queen chrysalis4327 chryspike114 clothed female nude male2007 clothed male nude male281 comic119892 dialogue75938 female1538352 gigachad spike1101 grope15926 implied changedling4 implied transformation553 lidded eyes36390 looking back69465 looking over shoulder4312 male435803 mirror6103 older32411 older spike7514 purified chrysalis194 reformed336 reformed villain73 shipping222730 source filmmaker56125 straight153615 string bikini867 undressing5734 winged spike9120 wings158932


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Well part of the charm is that Spike is probably the most kindhearted individual, which isn’t natural for dragons. The idea that he literally just sweethearts the villains into reforming JUST so they can be with him is a very attractive idea.

I just like SpikexChrysalis~  
Its one of my most fav ships alongside SpikexLuna/Nightmare Moon.  
Hope we see some stuff for Luna in the future too~