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The one where 5th birthday of my patreon

The rest of the text in Link's on my sources in description below
safe1574569 artist:rainihorn313 rainbow dash219260 sweetie belle46639 oc604389 oc:diokyo1 oc:dioponi68 oc:kyoponi138 oc:lollipop42 oc:wrynn glowshard1 earth pony198683 pegasus239304 pony845058 unicorn265831 519 anniversary342 apron3886 balloon9593 banner1857 birthday2314 bottle3498 bow24200 bubble4422 clothes408682 confetti1713 cup5519 fitness tracker2 food60755 hat76550 kek104 open mouth122965 panties46064 party1710 party hat2076 patreon12185 photo70648 pie3010 plate1492 ribbon6422 steam1595 table8187 text51046 tiny961 tongue out90428 underhoof46774 underwear55159


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