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safe1574523 artist:alari1234-bases29 artist:bronyb34r12 artist:elementbases253 artist:kittens7manart1 artist:pegasski254 artist:zutheskunk edits241 big macintosh26854 fluttershy197680 oc604359 oc:apple butter24 oc:apple cider28 oc:apple pie81 oc:applesauce14 earth pony198663 pegasus239280 pony845014 alternate universe9269 apple14637 apple tree2718 background used15 bags under eyes1820 base used15747 clothes408662 colored wings5019 colt13309 family4009 female898379 filly59483 flower22108 flower in hair6606 fluttermac2649 flying34310 freckles25394 intertwined trees138 jewelry50838 male305211 mare415100 necklace15228 offspring34356 older22996 older big macintosh33 older fluttershy508 open mouth122962 parent:big macintosh2671 parent:fluttershy4037 parents:fluttermac1081 pear tree189 shipping183865 shirt21212 smiling214713 stallion92585 standing10132 straight121618 style clash10 sunset4532 tree27461 vector used44 vest3464 wings75808


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