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Part of my trade series with JAMEArts, that being Waifu Wars 2, where we draw each others waifus with our oc's.

This time he wanted Jimmy with Chrysalis, but specifically the anthro version, AND a bimbo goth. Are Bimbo-Goth's even a thing?
suggestive129842 artist:skunkdude1395 queen chrysalis32748 oc609953 oc:jimmy5 changeling41369 anthro234040 ass43291 big breasts71237 bimbo4127 bimbo chrysalis36 blushing178090 breasts246018 butt32648 canon x oc22220 choker9722 cleavage31446 clothes415253 dick sucking lips97 drool22632 ear piercing22306 earring18407 french kiss1643 goth1824 hair over eyes872 horn47810 internal3824 jewelry53158 kiss mark963 kissing22584 lipstick9789 makeup18347 miniskirt4775 non-mlp oc2562 piercing35677 purple lipstick264 skirt36202 skull2694 sloppy kissing1540 tail20979


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