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Nancy, Trottingham Laundress and Pipsqueak's mother.

(Top-Left) Stories By The Fire
Pipsqueak's interest in pirates and adventurers stem from the popular literature in Trottingham. Though Nancy can't say she approves of piracy, particularly in the modern day, she will do a lot to see a smile on her colt's face and always used to read him the stories every evening by the fire with tea and currant-cake.

(Bottom-Left) Disapproval
Nancy is not too conservative when it comes to her son's lifestyle but something Pip has never quite understood is his mother's aversion to Dinky Doo, the bubbly daughter of the Doctor and Derpy, and a filly whom Pip has become quite smitten with. Nancy fears Dinky and her parents will be a bad influence on her son, stories of Derpy's clumsiness and the Doctor's irresponsibility reaching her by the day, though privately there's another fear at work.

(Bottom-Right) Memories Of Better Times
Nancy doesn't talk about her husband a great deal but those who know her well remember it was a wild, heady romance lacking in foresight. Dodger, a member of a gang outside Trottingham, caught the eye of many mares in his younger years and Nancy was the most eager of them.
Nancy has since learned that young couples tend not to make very good old families.
A secluded mare, Nancy doesn't have that many close friends but one among them is her lifelong foalhood companion, Blue Murder, who has since had a son of her own, Tungsten, a long time before Nancy did and now serves as Pipsqueak's godmother, trusted wholeheartedly by Nancy in how to raise a healthy household.

(Top-Right) Small Pleasures
When Nancy found herself pregnant, she was wiser to the world than before and was ready to put her wild lifestyle aside for the sake of her foal.
Dodger, however, did not share this opinion. Unwilling to give up his freedom for his family, he relentlessly stayed on as a member of the gang, despite being quite a few years too old for it until he was kicked out. He swiftly fell into a life of drunken bitterness, becoming a heavy detriment on his new family who he took his anger out on at every opportunity.
With a criminal record, Nancy couldn't find a promising career for a while so she made ends mean laundering at home.
With a dead-end job, a meagre income, a cold house and a colder husband, she would have given up on life a long time ago.
If it weren't for her son who, to her wonder, found ways to remain happy despite everything else.

Needless to say, Nancy wouldn't want anypony else as a son.
And Pipsqueak wouldn't want anypony else as a mother.
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