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All that counts is that they get some happy time _
PS: I used art made by Shinondege:  
and some compilation of other stuff:  
suggestive153928 artist:shinodage1116 edit141426 editor:fluttershyisnot adoormat131 cloudy quartz1473 cookie crumbles1118 cup cake4376 mayor mare3429 ms. harshwhinny2474 pear butter3055 posey shy1420 spoiled rich1228 stellar flare1307 twilight velvet4612 windy whistles2264 oc747224 oc:beauty mark92 oc:cream heart2488 oc:delta vee600 oc:golden brooch619 earth pony290079 pegasus332527 pony1147394 unicorn370292 ahegao26790 aside glance517 bedroom eyes64264 blushing213535 caption22793 collage1526 cougar729 drool26769 ear piercing30008 earring23614 eyelashes16418 eyes closed103819 female1453982 females only13709 floppy ears56790 flower28021 flower in hair8541 freckles31639 gilf594 glasses68218 grin44232 gritted teeth14118 hair bun3706 hair over one eye9800 head1781 horn88244 image macro37885 jewelry74455 lidded eyes33514 lip bite12491 lipstick12266 looking back63783 looking down9934 looking up17945 makeup24975 mare529729 meme84978 milf10366 milf six31 mom six128 mother2427 one eye closed34576 open mouth165778 piercing45857 red lipstick246 smiling280308 spread wings60941 text64984 tongue out113740 wing fluff1776 wingboner8543 wings136450 wink26769


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