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All that counts is that they get some happy time _
PS: I used art made by Shinondege:  
and some compilation of other stuff:  
suggestive151489 artist:shinodage1115 edit139363 editor:fluttershyisnot adoormat132 cloudy quartz1447 cookie crumbles1101 cup cake4338 mayor mare3383 ms. harshwhinny2429 pear butter3009 posey shy1378 spoiled rich1206 stellar flare1291 twilight velvet4542 windy whistles2233 oc731479 oc:beauty mark91 oc:cream heart2457 oc:delta vee598 oc:golden brooch612 earth pony280516 pegasus322662 pony1084423 unicorn356683 ahegao26340 aside glance495 bedroom eyes62982 blushing209754 caption22545 collage1508 cougar714 drool26301 ear piercing29147 earring23029 eyelashes14413 eyes closed101456 female1433105 females only13493 floppy ears56424 flower27454 flower in hair8342 freckles31048 gilf577 glasses66729 grin42865 gritted teeth13789 hair bun3609 hair over one eye9611 head1756 horn83615 image macro37756 jewelry71865 lidded eyes32789 lip bite12316 lipstick12019 looking back62177 looking down9665 looking up17626 makeup23995 mare518474 meme84482 milf10196 milf six31 mom six126 mother2397 one eye closed33785 open mouth161322 piercing44714 red lipstick238 smiling272184 spread wings59244 text63866 tongue out111419 wing fluff1747 wingboner8466 wings130688 wink26324


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