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The moment of truth.
That dialogue flashback was supposed to be a series of strips.
I wanted to show Shining Armor at the Academy, as he resist the increasing pressure from Captain and some of his classmates (but has one understanding friend that Spike apparently met in canon).
I wanted to show how Silver Spear is working against Princess orders, because he believes she “lost the touch” with the military. And how Shiny starts to believe that Cadance can marry only a high rank officer to avoid mésalliance, making his next decision even more difficult.
Finally I wanted to show how Shining Armor decides to transfer to another school and giving up his ambitions of advancing in rank, but saving his integrity. And the very same day he is about to quit the school, Spike accidently sends Twilight to the hospital, making Shiny feel responsible and “proving” that Silver Spear was “right”.
As it stands, I didn’t feel inspired to draw it anymore, and prefer to focus on the present.
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@Brass Beau  
Doesn’t mean you can’t remove someone from their position if they’re having a toxic influence on those around them. I’m pretty sure Shining Armor is not the only recruit who has been pscyhologically coerced by the captain into being forced to accept the captain’s warped view.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
@Background Pony #BC7F  
Since Celestia’s reign doesn’t appear tyrannical and no physical harm is being brought to Spike, she’s decided, if she is aware of it, to let things stand. You can’t force acceptance and trying to can bring about worse consequences than doing nothing at all.
Background Pony #BC7F
You know, I’m not sure exactly how far Celestia’s authority extends (if it’s actually absolute or what) - but it seems to me that if Celestia really wants Spike with Twilight, and this Captain is trying to be an impediment to that, she could just…relieve him of his position. Or, at the very least, threaten him with doing so if he doesn’t knock it off. I mean, that would require Celestia being aware of it, but it seems like word of this getting to her would be easy enough (we already know she knows about Shining’s former attitude toward him). I mean, maybe there’s something I don’t know about the situation, but it seems like there’s an easy fix here…
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

“Fangs and claws are hunter weapons and we are the prey.”
I’m reminded of the old Traveler science-fiction RPG. One of the alien races you could encounter in the game were the Centaurs, two-armed, four-legged creatures who were descended from herbivores and still lived in herds. Being herbivores, they harbored an extreme paranoia about predatory animals, to the point of committing genocide against any carnivorous race they encountered. Needless to say, they were hard to get along with.
I can’t blame Captain too much for his prejudice; probably the only thing that has kept Spike from being killed outright is the fact that he IS a baby. His appeal to ponies’ maternal instincts manages to override their instinctive fear of predators.

“A weighty choice is yours to make: The right decision or a big mistake. If it’s the wrong decision you choose to pursue, the foundations of home will crumble without you.”