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This took more time than i thought qvq. But yayyyy it's finished!!

1) Clover the Clever created her descendants trough magic, she created her four daughters, who would create the Shimmer, Glimmer, Sparkle and Lulamoon houses.

2) Twilight Velvet mothers, Twilight Star and Twinkle Twirl. Twilight Star was a teacher and Twinkle Twirl a ballet instructor, they had two childs, Twilight Velvet and Comet Spin.

Night Light parents, Candlelight Armor and Lunanueva Lulamoon. Candlelight had a candle store and Lunanueva was a storyteller that came from Saddle Arabia, they had two sons Night Light and Orion Lulamoon (a.k.a Jackpot)

3) Here we have young Night Light and Twilight Velvet (i redesigned them a little bit), they met when they were looking for the same book at the library, Night Light is an astronomer and Twilight is a writer, as we know they had Shining Armour and Twilight Sparkle.

Comet Spin and Night Owl, Comet was a dancer that went a lot to Night Owl cafe. They are the parents of Moondancer and Morning Roast.

Big Bucks and Jackpot are a happily married couple, who along their best friend Spectacle (all of these are their "stage names", their real names are Pure Luck, Orion Lulamoon and Sunshine flower) had the biggest show in all Las Pegasus. Since Big Bucks and Jackpot couldn't be on a pregnancy spell (the one that turns you into a mare) because of the show, Spectacle helped them carrying Trixie herself, even tho she is Trixie biological mom, she is known as Auntie Spectacle by her. Spectacle is retired and lives with her girlfriend in Las Pegasus.

4) Here we have young Shining Armor (that year he decided he wouldn't cut his hair it seems), Twilight (and baby spike, holding onto his "mama") and Moondancer. And little Trixie~
safe1575626 artist:bunnari76 big bucks44 clover the clever341 jack pot262 moondancer4427 night light2006 shining armor21773 spike74848 sunflower spectacle171 trixie62150 twilight576 twilight sparkle282733 twilight velvet3835 twinkle twirl64 oc605001 oc:candlelight239 oc:comet spin1 oc:lulanueva1 oc:night owl38 dragon48182 pony845808 unicorn266251 female899403 high res21393 magic65878 male305512 mare415537 stallion92695


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