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Skin tone edit of >>2299243 to resemble Dash's EqG skintone, second attempt.

Done with permission, do not repost for commercial usage. Please support the original artist if you are able.
safe1557915 alternate version32652 artist:axsens17 color edit7013 edit114844 editor:drakeyc43 rainbow dash217446 equestria girls177714 chromatic aberration1339 clothes402252 colored17408 compression shorts1188 eyeshadow12721 fit277 hand on hip4352 jacket10557 makeup17216 pony ears1260 rainbow3873 sexy23020 shirt20661 shirt lift2453 shorts11898 skin color edit40 skirt35068 smiling210913 smiling at you1070 solo961288 stupid sexy rainbow dash1820 tomboy537 undershirt302 watermark14217 winged humanization8040 wings72502 wristband2981


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