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main ships for my Heartverse~ just practicing
safe1581047 artist:snowballflo29 applejack159414 coco pommel5523 discord28720 fluttershy198857 pinkie pie203955 princess skystar1795 rainbow dash220102 rarity170422 soarin'13317 sunset shimmer57166 torque wrench224 twilight sparkle282900 alicorn197205 draconequus8974 earth pony201868 hippogriff8398 pegasus243268 pony849793 unicorn269756 my little pony: the movie17954 absurd resolution63793 apple wrench6 bandana4763 clothes411857 cutie mark41421 discoshy2539 draconequified325 eyes closed80593 female925593 flying34480 heart43347 horn45188 horns4763 interspecies20627 jewelry51948 lesbian91648 looking at each other16718 lying down9618 lying on top of someone276 male307363 mane six29576 mare418082 marshmallow coco247 necklace15531 nuzzling3691 pinkonequus25 pony pillow136 prone23311 regalia16668 scarf20988 shipping183988 simple background346173 sitting55432 skypie160 smiling216335 soarindash4589 species swap18057 spread wings48157 stallion93474 straight121680 sunsetsparkle4175 tail wrap5952 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115576 white background86561 wings78376 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2251


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Background Pony #D093
I love all of these ships.

I think that might be because DHX had zero involvement with the special. That and it may have very well been in production at the same time as Season 9.
Background Pony #D974
Discoshy is officially canon and im not sure why my post got deleted. Are admins trying to say something?
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Downvote Addict
I felt it was kind of a shame that not a single character from the rainbow town movie special thingy, ever came back to the show for season 9. I'm glad the fandom hasn't forgotten them.

@Background Pony #83C5
Haha, good one.