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Pinkie: Hi dummy! Hey, are you mad at me? Come on, it was just an innocent joke xD! Listen, with this you will surely forgive me ;)
I’m at AJ’s house … today we will go to school together!. At this time she would still be sleeping, but I called her early, that way I would perfectly timing with her when she’s getting dressed!! - I go to her room and knock on the door.
Pinkie: Hi Applejack!!
Applejack: What are you doing Pinkie…
Pinkie: Why it takes you so long to get dressed, we will be late for school!
Applejack: Sure, sure… just give me five minutes..
Applejack: huh? What was that…
Pinkie: You look very sexy Applejack! _ It would be a waste not to take a picture of you!!.. I’m sure the dummy-head will like this, It’s your chance AJ!! You will thank me eventually _.
Applejack: W-WHAT??! Don’t you dare!!
Pinkie: aaand… sent! Okay dummy, enjoy it! xD
Applejack: PINKIEEEEE!!!!!
You: huh? what’s is this. A Pinkie message?, Let me see… … … - WOOOAAHH!!
True ending xD
suggestive164893 artist:charliexe416 applejack183434 equestria girls225916 adorasexy11012 beautisexy1158 bed47542 bedroom12718 breasts323457 busty applejack11900 cleavage39132 clothes532507 cute225268 cutie mark underwear963 female1534594 freckles34139 frilly underwear4637 jackabetes6874 looking at you203116 open clothes3074 panties55446 sexy35353 solo1209059 solo female199184 stupid sexy applejack828 underwear67895 undressing5712 window10396


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