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Wow, this lovely pony rly enjoys music, even though her hoof was entangled in the earphone cable. So when she start singing, the earphone was pulled outta her cellphone.
But when she was about to pick up the phone she had fallen to the ground, she noticed that she was in a strange environment. Although she felt a little flustered when she realized that she had been magnified hundreds of times and thrown into another world, she also thought that it might be just a prank her friends played quietly when she didn't notice. She felt a lot calmer when she thought about it. She just needs to wait for her friends to bring her back.
But she's not going to sit here and wait. She's born playful and curious. She's going to explore this tiny world. Believe me, this will be an unforgettable experience shared by her and those tiny creatures around her hooves~

Just a gift for@Moontrace

This artwork is actually planned to be finished by the end of March (Macro March, yes——I rly did not take any commissions recently), but the workload is much LARGER than I thought, and it's also the first time for me to draw short comic like this. I am very unskilled, so it also slows down the progress, and the plot connection between two parts may not be very smooth.

What's more, I remember that it was quite early for me to figure out one of the compositions of this picture. Unfortunately, the progress was so slow that other artist produced similar compositions! (well, big hooves are always so attractive) (I didn't plan to let you know the link of that artwork —— if U know wut I mean) So I thought I'd better slow down or I'd be suspected of plagiarism.

Ah, says that, I drew the idea of " watch a city from afar" out a long time ago (maybe when I first know@Ravist). At that time, I felt that it's so damn hard to draw that kinda scene. Even now, that feeling remains unchanged. After all, there are too many details to grasp.

But at least I'm satisfied with the final outcome. Although there are many places in the whole artwork that I try for the first time, it's still probably the most elaborate artwork I've ever drawn. (it's really interesting that you can try to connect the plot of this artork with the one drawn by ravist.)

Hope you guys could like it~

Lyric in this artwork are from Let's Go(Cody Island Remix) by ItaloBrothers. It is an amazing song.

这匹可爱的小雌驹是多么的享受音乐呀 甚至连自己的蹄子被耳机线缠住了都浑然不知 以至于当她正在放声讴歌的时候耳机被从蹄机上扯下来了
但是当她准备捡起自己掉到地上的蹄机时 她却注意到自己身处一个陌生的环境 虽然当她意识到自己似乎被放大了几百倍还被扔到了另一个世界时 她着实有些慌张 但是她同时也想到这有可能是她的朋友们趁她不注意时悄悄玩的恶作剧了 这下倒是冲淡了她内心的慌张 她只需要等她的朋友来把她带回去就好了
但是她可不打算就在这儿干坐着等哦 天生贪玩且满怀好奇心的她打算好好探索一下这个渺小的世界 相信我 这将会是她和她蹄子周围的小生物们共有的一段难忘经历了~


这份稿子其实是计划于三月底(也就是极巨化主题月底@——我可没在近期接单)完成的 但是无奈工作量比咱想象的要大太多了 而且这也是咱第一次绘制短漫的来着 不够熟练所以也拖慢了进度 而且两格之间剧情衔接可能不是很流畅了

再就是咱记得自个儿构思出其中某个构图什么的已经是挺早的事儿了 结果画的太慢 居然有其他绘师也产了类似的构图出来(大蹄子总是那么的具有吸引力呢)(咱可没计划放出那份图的链接——你们懂的) 于是乎咱当时就想着也放慢点进度不然抄袭嫌疑可就大了

啊说到这儿了 这种从远处拍摄城市的构图咱在好久之前(久到咱刚刚认识@Ravist 那会)画过的来着 当时给咱的感觉是:好机八难画啊!结果即使到了现在 这种感觉还是一点未变 毕竟要抓的细节实在是太多了

不过至少最终的产图咱是挺满意的了 虽然说整份作品中有很多地方是咱首次尝试 但这仍然可能是咱画过最精细的一份极巨化向产图了的说 希望大家能喜欢(你们可以尝试把咱这份产图与Ravist绘制的这张 的剧情联系到一起 真的好有意思的)

图中歌词来自ItaloBrothers的Let's Go(Cody Island Remix) 很好听的一首歌哦

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safe1574201 artist:movieskywalker45 derpibooru exclusive24337 oc604205 oc only409390 oc:moontrace9 pony844828 unicorn265744 ><213 accidental vore103 boat1238 bridge1043 building2111 bus525 car5429 cellphone2832 city3723 cityscape529 clothes408572 cloud27098 crush fetish463 destruction1350 dock43917 earbuds712 evil grin3834 evil smirk42 eyes closed80096 female898163 fetish34933 floppy ears46586 frog (hoof)9955 giant pony4263 giant unicorn168 grin32906 harbor33 headphones6744 helicopter467 hoof fetish2242 hoofprints175 horn43088 looking down6748 macro10488 mare415003 mountain4427 music notes2967 phone5130 plane2561 plane vore1 realization193 red eyes5169 river1768 semi truck53 ship1139 short comic42 singing5810 sky11791 smiling214659 smoke2284 socks56709 solo972178 stockings28609 striped socks19119 sweat22939 tail19209 thigh highs28317 train2210 unaware vore69 underhoof46762 unicorn oc4347 vehicle556 vore13799 xd159


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Background Pony #0E31
… That fact that there's a tag for plane vore absolutely astonishes me… If someone's into that, nothin' against that… although certainly not what i expected to find in a search for vore.

That said, this is a well done piece.
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